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Banner: Poornodaya Movie Creations
Starring: Somayajulu
Music: K.V.Mahadevan
Director: K. Viswanath

"Shankarabharanam" Sankara Shastri is a very popular Carnatic singer. He is immersed in the Sangeetha Rasaamrutham (Nectar of Music) with his nirantara saadhana (uninterrupted practice). People come in huge numbers to listen his voice and considered him to be a great man. He has mastered the raga Sankaraabharanam. Tulasi(Manju) is a prostitute's daughter who has great interest in music and dance. She is also an admirer of Shastri and also learns music from him when he used to teach his daughter along the riverside. But her mother wants her to become a prostitute to earn money. One day a rich client of her mother's rapes Tulasi and insults Shastri saying that now that he was done with Tulasi, she could go and flirt with Shastri all she wanted. Enraged by the disgrace towards Shastri, her guru, she kills the client. But due to that incident she becomes pregnant. She is sent to jail and no one tries to help her. But Shastri tries to save her by consulting a lawyer who wins the case in Tulasi's favour.

Then Shastri brings her to his home where other people insult him as Tulasi is a murderer and of a low caste while Shastri is a devout Brahmin. Tulsi moves out of his house as she does not want him to face insults because of her but hopes to show her gratitude towards him.

Ten years pass by, pop music is now popular in India and Shastri loses his classical music lovers. He now lives in a small house with his grown up daughter. When Tulsi comes to know of Shastri's plight she tries to help him monetarily but gives the money through someone else. Tulasi inherits all of her mother's property and utilizes all of it to help him. She also asks her son to go to Shastri's home and learn classical music from him. After managing to get an entry to Shastri's home, he starts learning the Indian classical music from the maestro.

Then Chandra Mohan a musician falls in love with Shastri's daughter. Although Shastri rejects the marriage proposal at first, he later agrees after knowing the man's interest in classical music. Now, Shastri comes across Tulasi after a long time and comes to know that the boy in his house is her son. She arranges a concert where Shastri once again finds his lost audience come back to see hear his voice. Shastri sings at the concert and after finishing his performance, he dies along with Tulasi (who has a heart attack from the shock of his passing).

The film ends with both Shastri and Tulsi dead on the stage, and the mantle then passes to Tulasi's son and thus his legacy of Indian classical music is preserved.



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